This pup was finally brought in from rural Jefferson County after he had learned to trust us. "Red" had been on his own for nearly a year and had become very fearful of people and cars. He was either dumped or abandoned when his person moved or through another tragedy. Red chose to wait and walk. Though we had received calls, we couldn't track down a location until June when someone posted a picture and described the location. Still, he wasn't seen until two weeks later midnight, climbing out of a deep ravine. We posted flyers and went door to door to ensure he wasn't someone's pet. Our buddy is safe and warm, and enjoying the good life!

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Bring Layla Home!

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Layla went missing from a relative's house while her family was on vacation. The grandchildren tried to catch her after she went under a gate and disappeared near Seckman/Old Lemay Ferry. She has been sighted numerous times and may have been picked up. She is a shy little girl and needs her family. The family--including grandchildren-- misses her terribly and they desperately want her home! We believe she may have been seen by a vet, and Layla does have a microchip! She may be in the House Springs, Hillsboro, Imperial, Barnhart, or Arnold area. If you have any information on Layla's whereabouts, please call Lynn Zinsser at 636-248-5753. Please help get Layla home! Please visit Bring Layla Home on Facebook. THANK YOU. -- Jean Woolery, Jefferson County Humane Society, Inc.

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RESCUED! Sweet Kitty "Tarzan" stranded a week and a half! (See pictures here!)
Thank you, Kevin, Allied Tree Service!

Please visit "Links" to View Spay/Neuter Information

The JCHS is initiating a feral release program! There will be no charge to rescue groups wishing to utilize this community service. We are currently inspecting various rural properties, and we are very excited about this! A Holding Area will be set up on each property, so that the kitties will become acclimated to their new surroundings; feeding stations; and to the voices of their caretakers!

Before surrendering any animal to a rescue group or individual, we urge you to check the following:

Animal Care Facilities license
Contact Missouri Department of Agriculture/
Animal Care Facilities Program

Contact Missouri Department of Agriculture for copies of an applicant's file:

Animal Care Facilities Program
Missouri Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 630
Jefferson City MO 65102
Request copies of these documents which are available under the Missouri Sunshine Law:
ACFA License
Program of Veterinary Care
Any correspondence between the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Animal Care Facilities Program, and the applicant.

An ACFA licensee MUST HAVE Missouri nonprofit status as issued the Missouri Secretary of State!
To ensure adequate care of the animals, any individual or group accepting animals -- and/or placing them -- MUST BE ACFA-licensed!

(The State of Missouri requests a very small fee for public information.)

Non-profit status in the State of Missouri
Contact Secretary of State at 573-751-4153
AND Website: "Corporations"
Be sure to include all possible names under which the rescue group or individual may be operating

501c3 status
Contact the IRS at a local office STL 314-612-4002; KC 816-966-2840. They may direct you to a national database of applications.
AND Website: "Search"
A group's approval and/or application is public information. If not seen in the Search, call the IRS regarding date of an application.

The Jefferson County Humane Society is a non-shelter organization that has handled over 300 cruelty-related incidents since 1996. Several remain open. Investigations are done by our volunteers. The JCHS is not paid by the County or any state or national organization. In addition, the JCHS has spayed/neutered 276 dogs/cats since 1992.

The majority of our on-site investigations work at night and on weekends/holidays is to educate irresponsible pet owners.  At that point, the incident has not yet become "neglect," as defined by State law.  We do everything possible to assist in making the incident adequate and humane for the animals, including ongoing monitoring.  We have even provided large outside pens, doghouses and straw, longer leads, and heated water bowls, for those larger animals who do better outside than inside. 

Volunteers have access to our storage warehouse utilized for pet food, large water cannisters, bowls, toys, towels, blankets, humane traps, pet taxis of all sizes, small exercise pens, cat playhouses, and doghouses.

The JCHS has testified in court so justice can prevail. 

A volunteer drove to Columbia, Missouri, to pay for and obtain a necropsy report for the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.  The Prosecutor's Office, the University of Missouri, and the JCHS worked as a team toward a common goal of justice.

See LINKS for definitions of "animal neglect" and "animal abuse."  

The Jefferson County Humane Society was offficially formed in January 1996 following our response to an abandoned animal in distress. At the time, there were no government agencies or volunteer organizations to come to the aid of a severely neglected family pet.

Since that night, our volunteers have been able to respond to reports of alleged abuse and neglect when animal control is closed. We work side-by-side with law enforcement on numerous abuse and neglect cases. In addition, our volunteers have testified in courts on behalf of the animals in Jefferson County. It is our purpose to follow through so that justice is served.


The JCHS does not randomly pick up or rescue dogs. However, we will be glad to offer assistance by referring you to organizations whose primary purpose is to rescue, foster, and place.

  Our goal is to foster dogs that have been ABANDONED/CONFINED (tethered or in a yard) AND are showing signs of negect/abuse.  Most often, utility workers shutting off power notify me. We also foster dogs that must be held for court cases (minimum 30 days).  JCHS volunteers contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department or Missouri Highway Patrol to monitor the situation on any and all dogs that must be seized.   This is done for our safety.  Typically, this is one or two dogs and/or puppies.  Most rescues are done under exigent circumstances; others require a court order.  The HSMO handles horse and large-scale cat/dog rescues. 

To report a concern or complaint, please initially notify Animal Control at (636) 797-5577.

Our primary focus is to assist law enforcement in determining the action to be taken on-site.

Funds are desperately needed for emergency veterinary care!
The Jefferson County Humane Society is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

Donations directly benefit abused, neglected, abandoned companion animals in municipalities and in unincorporated Jefferson County, Missouri



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